» [ One hour running event ]

in favour for the wheelchair team RC ENJO Vorarlberg for the participation on the hardest long-range bicycle race in the world

He, She, It walks — we all walks
Sunday, 21th May 2006 (in all weathers)

09.00 a.m. issuance of competition numbers
1 hour running event from 11.00 - 12.00 a.m
Way: circuit with about 0,62 mile distance
Start / Finish line at junior highs school in Altach

11.00 a.m. Morning pint with live music from the Fraxner Presentation and discharging of the RACE ACROSS AMERICA team

Together for one goal: Never mind however, whoever or whatever - everybody can achieve here a positive contribution for an important thing. Run for it - and support thereby the wheelchair team RC-ENJO VORARLBERG. It's not you're running performance which is important here - furthermore it's the social and societal aspect. On an entry form the sponsor specifies how much he wants to pay for one round. The sponsors receive a few days after the event the bill.

What or who is running there? Simple everybody who likes to take part on it!

Participants notify one or more sponsors, who support him or the event. Who likes to participate on the event has to advertise for sponsors (private person or company).

An example:
The sponsor notifies a money amount of 5,- Euro. His runner completes 10 rounds (about 0,62 miles / round). This means a sponsor amount of 50,- Euro - or a lump sum.

It´s very negligible how many rounds everybody runs - it's more important, that a lot of people taking part on the event. Children, grand moms and grand dads, families, politicians, sportsmen, artists, hosts, priests, prominent or such who want still to be. Or simply, all who feel like to support this undertaking.

For further questions please contact one of following persons:

Philipp Bonadimann
+43 664 / 5120241

Michael Ender
+43 5576 / 7178-17

Roland Weber
+43 5576 / 7178-14