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After the very successful transaction of the wheelchair tour in 2001 across Austria - this event got a new edition in 2003. In 2001 the six hand bikers drove about 435 miles and 16.405 feet from Altch to Loipersdorf and in 2003 they mastered also the whole reserved way back, but then over all Austrian alp passes, included the highest mountain in Austria (Großglockner 3.797 meters above see level) from Loipersdorf to Altach.

The six men wheelchair team overmaster thereby in only nine days 528 miles and about 32.808 feet. The resonance of these two wheelchair tours at the medias was very high. A camera team of the Austrian TV-Channel (ORF) squired the team on the whole route and configured thereupon a 25 minute TV-film, which was broadcasted all over Europe on different TV-channels. It happens a lot of press conferences and TV-shows in which we answered a lot of questions of the anchors and journalists.

The o.k. of the “Race Across America 2006” organizer Jim Pitre to permit us participating on the hardest cycle race in the world, gives us a lot of incentive for this big challenge.

For this biggest challenge ever we are already in training!