» [ Helpers ]

After many talks with former Race Across America participants and out of our experience of the last two wheelchair tours our helper team consists out of following guys:

Hubert Sohm
Function: Team-Boss

Dr. Helmuth Ocenasek
Function: Team-Doctor / Team-Boss

Richard Bücsek
Function: Masseur

Erwin Wolf
Function: Masseur

Manfred Rünzler
Function: Mechanic

Karlheinz Neumeister
Function: Mechanic

Gerd Borufka
Function: Computer / Technic / Photos

Adolf Dax
Function: Cook

Daniel Jelovic
Function: Cook

Burkhard Bär
Function: Driver

Hans Wimmer
Function: Driver

Eugen Bonadimann
Function: Driver

Helmut Thaler
Function: Driver

Günther Decker
Function: Driver

Andreas Sillaber
Function: Photos / Driver

Thomas Hauser
Function: physician assistant / Driver

Peter Janes
Function: Organisation in America

Alexander Roschanek
Function: ORF-Cameraman

Raphaela Herburger-Stefandl
Function: ORF-reporterin

Das Team in Vorarlberg:

Ingo Sonderegger
Function: Organisation in Austria

Bernd Fend
Function: Organisation / Internet / Graphic

Heinz Merz
Function: Merchandise

Elred Faisst
Function: Press