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On 11nd of June at exactly 9.00 a.m. we will start our undertaking in Oceanside California and try to reach the finish line at the east coast of the USA in Atlantic City within 10 days. With the support of many helpers and sponsors we will manage the biggest challenge since club foundation.

With the same six wheelchair drivers we will top our performance of the two wheelchair tours before - for strength our own will to live and as pattern for other people who live with a physical handicap.

Our “Race Across America” Team consists out of 22 persons, who all have different functions. Every position in the team have to be taken twice because the race will be gone through in a 24 hours rhythm. On the whole race (3.052,17 miles and 109.716,65 feet) will squire us two motor homes, two following cars and one press car (Austrian camera team).

The Austrian television station ORF will dispose us a camera team which will make daily reports from preparation until to the execution of the race.

Pedalled will done in two teams. Every team consists of 3 athletes, one following car, which is driving permanent behind the cyclist to announce him the right track, plus one motor home with trailer as basis station. During one athlete is cycling the others can relax in the motor home. The athletes change approximately after 1 hour. After two turns the complete team will change. (1h athlete A / 1h athlete B / 1h athlete C / 1h athlete A / 1h athlete B / 1h athlete C and then the team will change with the second team which also cycle in this rhythm)

Details / Facts:
- 10 peaces cardboard for sport devices / tools (about 1000 kg material)
- Modifying of the cars on site ( lighting set for the following cars)
- Modifying laptops for route book
- Modifying cars with sponsors and partners
- Loading of the cars with food, drinking, material, hand bikes etc…
-Rule consistent inspection of the hand bikes and cars through RAAM organization
- Radio / Funk equipment
- daily reporting